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logical forex

Dec 01,  · Get logicalforex – Logical Forex or the other courses from the same one of these categories: Course, Trading, logicalforex for free on Course Sharing Network. Logical Forex Scalping & Trading - Forex Scalping System Strategies. It’s been a while Scott has been doing most of the blog postings the past several months. He is really an incredible trader and has a special ability in communicating clearly. His posts are a joy to read. Welcome to Logic Fx Trading you are free to watch my Building Blocks series of video lessons which cover the essential information you’ll need to know before subscribing to the advanced level training or mentoring. Please watch this video before signing up Logic FX Trading Follow.


Logical forex

A Logical group is a group of indicators representing logical conditions. All Opening Logic Conditions and Closing Logic Conditions indicators represent logical conditions and belongs to logical groups. Therefore, RSI will be joined to a logical group. Opening Point of the Position and Closing Point of the Position indicators do not belong to logical groups because they do not represent logical conditions. The logical groups are identified by symbols. Forex Strategy Builder Professional does not show a logical group symbol of a slot if it has a default value.

If the logical group was changed, the program will show it in square brackets at the right side of the slot panel. You can see the logical group of a slot in the Advanced area of the Indicator options pane, on the dynamic info that appears when you hold the mouse cursor over a slot or at the slot panel when zoom it in.

A logical group represents a logical condition. You can think for a logical group as one aggregated indicator. A logical group returns true when all indicator's conditions in it are fulfilled. Said in other way, all logical conditions in a group has AND logic. Looking at the example above, all opening conditions belongs to logical forex [A]. This strategy will send entry signal when the group [A] is satisfied all opening indicator conditions are satisfies.

A strategy sends an entry order when there is at logical forex one satisfied opening logical group. The above strategy has two logical groups for entry - [A] and [B].

This strategy can open position when group [A] as well as group [B] is satisfied. A strategy sends close signals when there is at least one closing conditions group satisfied. Forex Strategy Builder Professional sets different logical groups for each closing condition indicator by default.

In that way the program closes a position at the first dangerous event. If a strategy has two closing conditions, they will belong to two different logical groups by default. The strategy shown to the right has two closing conditions.

They are set to group [a] and group [b] by default. The program hides the group symbols because they were not changed, logical forex. If you want to close a position only when both closing conditions are satisfied simultaneously, you have to set them to one and the same logical group, logical forex.

In that case, group [a] will be satisfied only when both indicators logical forex satisfied. We can say that group [a] will act as one indicator. It sells at Bar Open on Thursday and Friday. The strategy closes the last lot on Friday evening. This strategy uses two logical groups for entry. It will open position when at least one of the groups permits but we designed the indicators in a way that the groups will allow entries in different days and in logical forex direction.

Actually the first signal on Monday will open a new position, logical forex. The second long signal on Tuesday morning will add one lot because we allowed Adding in the Strategy Properties. The strategy will add 1 lot logical forex on Wednesday. On Thursday morning group [A] will not be satisfied, but group [B] will send a sell signal.

It will reduce 1 lot. The same will happen on Friday morning. You can download logical forex strategy from our Code Repository Week Peek. Forex Software Products. Sidebar User Guide User Guide. Installation Instructions. License Management. Customer Experience Improvement Program.

Quick Start. User Interface Overview. Forex Strategy. Strategy Properties, logical forex. Indicator Slots. Opening Point of the Position. Opening Logic Conditions. Closing Point of the Position.

Closing Logic Conditions. Indicator Properties. Indicator Advanced Properties. Logical Groups. Start Page. Strategy Tab. Strategy Editor, logical forex. Strategy Generator. Strategy Optimizer. Strategy Overview. Balance Chart. Indicator Chart. Bar Explorer. Multi Markets. Monte Carlo. Auto Trader. Market Chart. Connecting to a MT4 Chart. Trading Troubleshooting.

Expert Advisor Exporting. Expert Advisor Options. History Center. Data Statistics. Intrabar Statistics, logical forex. Data Download. JForex Import. Repository Tab. Strategy Collections. Multi Tester. Logical forex Strategies. Repository Indicators. Control Panel Logical forex. General Settings. Account Settings. Data Horizon. Data Sources. Custom Code. Acceptance Criteria. Expert Advisor Settings.

Trade Settings. Auto Start. Output Log. Trade Status. Trade Journal. Additional Statistics, logical forex. Strategy Explorer. Strategy Portfolio. Command Console.


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logical forex

May 19,  · I started trading 3 years back and have much acquaintance now with forex trading ways, methods and systems. Also, joined trading courses and training sessions. But I'm still confused which is the more logical way to trade forex as I want to start it now as career but also want to practice a logical and long-live way of trading. Logical Forex and Futures Trading System + Scalping Strategy gives you consistent high probability, low risk, no stress trading signals. Welcome to Logic Fx Trading you are free to watch my Building Blocks series of video lessons which cover the essential information you’ll need to know before subscribing to the advanced level training or mentoring. Please watch this video before signing up Logic FX Trading Follow.